Less than 50% of companies manage
social networks related


Less than 50% of companies manage social networks related to their brand. Yet social networks circulate great opportunities. In the US, 44% of marketers generate leads via social media and 85% of marketers use them.

All individuals follow at least one social network

Today, 38% of the world's population follows at least one social network.

In France, 26 million Internet users have a Facebook account and 22 million users who are regularly active.

Social networks make you addicted

The numbers are still up to 30% of French who say they can not do without social networks. Social networks make some addicted people who follow every day their favorite pages, their favorite brands, the publications relayed by the media that interests them ... In addition, Facebook is consulted by a population less affected by the media and advertising: the population rural. Eh yes ! In France, 55% of users live in a rural municipality. It is therefore far from a versatile urban fashion but in a well-established practice. Social networks definitely have a great potential.

To each his favorite social network

We know of course that 12-17 year olds prefer Snapchat while 17-34 year olds will be more on Facebook. Professionals when they are more turned to Linkedin, a social network that is reserved for them.

Social networks scare businesses

Indeed, social networks allow consumers to express their opinions on brands, to appropriate their slogans by diverting them and to publicly pinpoint the defects of these brands. All this is therefore running away from social media companies despite the potential of these.

The potential of misused social networks

Social networks make it possible to stay close to its customers but also to increase the notoriety of its company. But as customers can express their opinion directly on your brand or products, you must absolutely master this space. On social networks, you can highlight your products or your events. In addition, social networks allow permanent visibility.

Easy problem solving

In addition, social networks allow a quick return of customers, and therefore a quick return of problems, bugs or discontent and solve the problem quickly. You can also respond quickly to your customer base and thereby achieve greater customer satisfaction.

A way to recruit good profiles

Through social networks, companies can learn about people applying for a job in their company. Sometimes, applicants themselves go through social networks to find a job.

Ensure the reputation of its brand

33% of Internet users relay the publications of their favorite brands.

On social networks, Internet users do not hesitate to follow their favorite brands, talk about them, exchange, communicate, denounce, incense ...

Companies are reluctant to communicate on social networks especially for fear of a bad buzz. This is why the brand must succeed in controlling and monitoring the noise generated around it.

Dynamism to promote an event

An event takes place in your company? This may be the launch of a product, the organization of a contest or the presence at a show. Social networks are a good way to make your event visible.

Social networks and natural referencing

A company or brand with an active verified page that posts regularly on social networks is better referenced in Google. On Facebook for example, thanks to metas OG (Open Graph) Facebook takes into account the meta-data links that you put in your post and it is a good signal for Google that will take that into account to make your website go up in researches. You did not think that having a Community Manager at your side could influence the natural referencing of your website? And yet so. Posting frequently on social media is as beneficial to the image as those following your page. They realize that your business is dynamic and responsive.

We found you a small diagram with some important figures concerning the place of social networks in our society.